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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Olympus Recorder - VN-3100PC

This was my second piece of equipment that I purchased at Radio Shack. I can't remember how much I paid for it back then, but it wasn't too expensive, maybe $50/$60 at the time? It's a simple little recorder and uses 2 AAA batteries that seem to last forever!
It's very simple to use and has 4 folders that will hold 100 messages per folder. The recording time on it varies depending on the speed you are recording at. It can go as little as 5 hours and 40 mins to 71 hours and 40 mins!

I have used this recorder alot for every investigation and event over the years and picked up some pretty good evps on it now and then.

I sent my friend Tina, a couple of the recordings her and I got from the Stanley Hotel and Gettysburg and she cleaned them up a wee bit and amplified the sound so you could hear but this is what we heard on the recorder when we played it back. This is from the Stanley if you have not listened to it yet:

And this one is from Gettysburg:

What you do when you've recorded on this device, is take the transfer cable and plug it right into your laptop or pc and using the software it comes with, you upload the file to your pc. Then, you can put it thru a program like Audacity (that is a free download off the internet) and start to amplify, single out or clean up what you believe you might hear.

Now, you have to bear in mind alot of things when you go to do this. While recording, if you are sniffling, shifting positions or say, a car comes by, you want to always 'mark' that sound. For example, while we were recording in the car in Gettysburg out on Confederate Ave, whenever a car came by, we would say, "car going by", or when I shifted and my leather jacket creaked, we announced that sound.
Reasoning why? Well when you go back to listen to that sound file, some creaks or shifts or odd sounds you may believe it is something when in reality it was just cloth or material rubbing and it just 'sounds' like a voice or could be a word or two or phrase.

I know that sounds odd, but sometimes if you do not go back to listen to these sounds for days or weeks later, you will not remember those little details and your brain, as much of a wonder as it is, will immediately be searching for patterns and sounds and words and it will 'matrix'. Matrixing is when your brain is trying to find that pattern or when it tries to make sense out of the nonsensical, trying to find the logic in the illogical...the pattern in an abstract painting or picture. So this is very important for you to remember to try to always do while out investigating.

As I attended some of the past few events, I began to see other recorders and I was always intrigued about the EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenons). I always felt I should probably try to get a different recorder, something maybe a little better or had a better mic to it.

Recently, while at the Stanley Hotel just last month, I attended a Darkness Radio Event with Ghost Adventures. Billy Tolley, who is the EVP guy for Ghost Adventures was there and he did a class on recorders and EVPs.  He went over the various different ones out there, including my own and talked about the pros and cons of them. I had been thinking recently that I should pick up a better recorder, maybe one that had a special extended mic or something? I knew it would probably be expensive however. Yet, listening to what Billy had to say during his great class made me think otherwise! He said that oftentimes than not, it is the smaller little cheaper recorders that they manage to get more EVPs on than the expensive $300 ones!! In fact, my Olympus got most EVPs on it versus other recorders!

How exciting to know that!

Plus, it is difficult to get my recorder now from what he said.

Here's a lil fact sheet on this specific recorder that I found however on the internet:

And if you look it up on good ol Amazon...yup! Sure enough I saw one there for $99!

If you have not used Amazon yet, you'd be amazed at the things you can find there! So I've added Amazon search engine to this blog for you to look things right up on it! I order lots from Amazon myself and I could not say enough good things about them! I joined their Prime membership and I pay a fee yearly so that on many of the items I purchase from them, the shipping is free and I can get it in 1-2 days!! It's awesome!
Truly free? No, you pay that yearly amount but if you order alot from them throughout the year, that amount you'd easily pay and more on shipping fees so for me, it's well worth it! :) The only time I have to pay for shipping is when the items comes from a third party outside of Amazon.

That's about all I can say of this great Olympus recorder. It's reliable and it's served me well over the years and after Billy's class, I am definitely keeping it! Thanks Billy!

I'll be talking more about that return trip to the Stanley and also about the EVP Experts, Mark and Debby Constantino! A really great couple who really know how to get EVPs!


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