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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waverly Hills Sanitorium May 2010 Part 7

The famed tunnel where bodies were taken down quietly after the person died and taken away in such a manner so that others could not see them going. The Death Tunnel is quite long and gated at the bottom. There is a ramp on the one side and steps on the other. It is very steep. I went there with two other ladies that I met from my group. They were a lil spooked of going there alone so I went with them as I just wasn't creeped out by it at all.

Now don't get me wrong...this IS a creepy place! The history alone can get you! But I have found that if you are alone, YES you will get scared, you will hear things, you will get creeped out, spooked out and those heebie-jeebies will crawl up into your gizzard and grab ahold hard!! But!
When you are with others, with a couple other people, you just don't get scared. You turn to your friend and ask them, did you hear that? Or what was that? You might be a little scared but for the most part? Nah! It's just an old building with a great history, alot of deaths, alot of sadness, violence maybe...
but unless things blatantly happen, when in a group like this, you just don't get scared.
Of course, I am a fairly brave person too and can go into haunted houses and I tend to just laugh when something jumps out at me. I may get startled at the suddeness but not scared and even then, when going into one of those places, I expect it. So it is not so easy to get me to jump.

So on down the Death Tunnel we went. We stopped about half-way and I took out my green laser grid I had picked up earlier from Shannon Sylvia.

I shined it down towards the bottom of the tunnel and sat down on a step and began to take out my equipment. The other ladies took pictures and had their recorders and KIIs and whatnot and I took out my recorder and Shack Hack. We turned it on and I asked if there was anyone there if you could please tell us your name.

Now this is weird....I am now in Kentucky...a few States away from PA where I first purchased the Shack Hack at Gettysburg a few months ago. But the reply I got was the same voice saying "David".

Talk about bizarre! That instantly ruled out this was a radio person and it made me wonder then if perhaps a spirit is hanging out with me by the name of David?

As we sat in the Death Tunnel, asking questions, talking, we didn't really pick up on too much. We could hear water dripping as there is a pool of water at the bottom from the rain the previous day. We heard a few splashes that could have easily been frogs or something like that. We thought we did hear some pebbles skipping down at the bottom and perhaps a shadow pass by but it was hard to tell and it did not happen again.

Eventually, we heard Jeff Belanger and a few others at the top of the tunnel and realized it was about time for our ghost hunt to end and the private one to begin. So we gathered up our gear and began the long walk up the tunnel. It sure seemed easier going down than hiking all the way back up that steep tunnel!

I definitely would like to return to the Waverly. It seems once you go initially, you learn alot of what you'd like to do and not to do and I have began to take notes and write of what I wished I had had with me or could have done. So that is still going to remain on my list of places to return to investigate!


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