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Friday, April 29, 2011

Laser Grid

While at the Waverly Hills Event, I saw a presentation by Shannon Sylvia and she talked about the laser grid pointer she uses.

There are many small laser pointers sold out there in the stores and used for a variety of reasons. One that has different filters you can screw onto the end of it to make different shapes. Some for cats to chase or others to use in business presentations.

This one however that I picked up from Shannon that she was selling at her table, is a green grid of laser points that you can alter the pattern by screwing the end of it in different directions.
This is used to capture or detect shadow people as their form passes thru the lasers, you can see it block out a few of the points. Should anything cross in front of it, you can see it quite clearly.

I thought this was something very interesting and yet another inexpensive tool to pick up.
Shannon also had a little tripod to use with it. I picked that up also later on.

The tripod is used by sliding the pointer thru the block in the space there and then you screw it down tight. Just be sure to NOT use the screw to hold down the button to turn on the laser for it will damage the button.
So how to hold the button down? I've used masking tape to hold it down and then I slid it into the tripod.
The legs of the tripod are flexible so you can angle this just right and it will keep the laser fairly stable and still. Here is how it looks without the masking tape and just using the tension but making sure the screw is not sitting on the button:

I have used this tool in a few places but have not experienced anything with it just yet as far as seeing anything, however the batteries in it were drained during a recent investigation from a spirit that does not like the laser grids nor any lights at all.

Before I use the laser, if I am investigating with others, I am most courteous and ask if they mind if I do use this tool. This is important to ask, especially with a seasoned investigator or with one who knows the area or location you are investigating. Many times, they will be quite familiar with the entities that are lingering about in the area and have had past experiences with laser grids. Some spirits like them, others are frightened by them and will hide away from them. So always best to ask before you use them on an investigation.

Like with all lasers, be sure not to point this directly into someone's eyes nor an animal's eyes.


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