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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waverly Hills Sanitorium May 2010 Part 3

Getting my badge, I overheard a lady talk about having purchased TWO event tickets? WOW?! Really? Why?
Well, so she could go ghost hunting BOTH nights! WOW! Now that is a great idea! Expensive, but great!

During most of these paranormal events, there are auctions for charity. Sometimes, the money goes to the Shriners, Animal Shelter or to a local charity and sometimes even a portion to the site itself to help them with renovations or to make the place more safe for us paranormal investigators! :) Items that are auctioned off are clothing from the Ghost Adventure guys, sometimes allowing you to take it right off their bodies which this drives many women crazy!! LOL
Also, there are private ghost hunts auctioned off with the celebrities. A private ghost hunt will normally take place just after the general ghost hunt is over with, normally at 2 am and then the private hunts will run for 2 more hours afterwards. Of course many women it seems who show up for these events are more so fans of the show or the guys and they are all googly-eyed over Zak, Nick, and Aaron. Can't blame them as they are a nice looking set of men!
The auction was held in a building just outside the main Waverly building. You can see it here off to the left in this pic:

Beyond this red roofed area, you can see the building just beyond to the left and that is where the gift shop sells souvenirs and some great t-shirts like this one I picked up:

I've been getting these in the largest sizes I can when I attend the events and that allows for shrinkage! ;) And I use them to work out in.

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