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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waverly Hills Sanitorium May 2010 Part 6

Mark & Debby are well known as the EVP Specialists for they always seem to be able to get some amazing EVPs! We were all led to the back room where surgeries were performed. There had to be at least 20-25 of us there. Mark had us all sit around the room with our backs to the walls. I chose a spot by the window and as we were all settling down, this really heavy door just slammed shut!! I had caught it closing out of the corner of my eyes when I saw the motion and turned in time to see it!
Now this door was super heavy! Debby jumped up and went over to it to see jus thow much force was needed to shut it and it took a great deal! This was wild and took a bit for everyone to calm down!

Once settled, we began an EVP session and Mark & Debby were able to capture a few words from what sounded like who had been the doctor in there who was not happy we were all there and was quite adamant in his words for us all to leave.

We later went up to the next level and I remembered from having seen the show that there was a nurse who had hung herself and she was pregnant at the time. An unwed mother was more of a shameful thing back then in those days. I went inside the room and did a quick EVP session but could not make out anything. It definitely had a heavy feel to the atmosphere in there however.

Again, sometimes it was hard to make out things as you were not sure what was going on in the floor below or above you and sound travels as there are not many windows intact in this building. Voices carry outside and are lifted up, sounds echo up and down the halls.

Last stop was the first floor, the morgue and the death tunnel. There are parts of this floor that has been set up for a Halloween haunt that you pay to walk thru and get scared from people jumping out at you. I could imagine how creepy and fun that must be!

I met with Andy Coppock who explained his full spectrum camera and had it set up in the one room. Jeff Belanger was also on this floor along with a couple other people. I could definitely see if you are by yourself, that you can easily creep yourself out! The place is pitch black and hard to see a thing. Some rooms felt more ominous than others and you just could sense the tension and heaviness to the air there.

But I could not leave the area or the Waverly for that matter, without going down to the Death Tunnel!

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