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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gettysburg, PA March 2010

I realized as I was writing up what happened at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, that I was getting ahead of myself. Gettysburg was the next place I went to, March of 2010 for Phenomenology 102!

This event...
was put on by the

Back to PA, my home state! I was really looking forward to going to Gettysburg. For all that I was born and bred in PA, I have not ever ventured to Gettysburg.

I was always attracted to it and wanted to visit it, especially with my father being a Civil War buff, but I had not done so until now. This time, my friend Tina from Nova Scotia was able to join me! She has started her own site now as a helpful guide for would be ghost hunting enthusiasts. She is also the one who has put up our evps we have collected thus far up on YouTube! Check her out at:

We flew into Harrisburg and got a rental car and then drove on down to the Eisenhower Hotel where we would be staying for this event. It's a really nice hotel and huge with a couple buildings with lots of rooms to house tons of people! Great area for banquets or large meetings.
We got a room in the adjacent building to the main hotel and settled in. Heading over to the front entrance for registration, I saw Sarah there right off! I was glad to see her and talked with her a bit as I was wanting to share a tarot card reading story with her, which I have yet to do!
I promise Sarah I will when I see you next!! ;)

This was the first event that I attended that was not hosted by Dave from Darkness Radio. It had the same sort of feel as his events and even more so like the Psychic Awakenings with all the vendors, however, at this event, there were alot more paranormal teams there displaying their evps and equipment and the like at their tables.
There were a bevy of classes to choose from and it was so hard to pick which ones to go to as unfortunately, many of the classes were held at the same time in different rooms. We so hated to have to choose as we really wanted to attend them all!
Of course, we signed up for Chip Coffey's gallery reading and Tiffany Johnson's as well.

For this event, they offer several locations to choose from for your ghost hunt! That was a really great idea to divide us up with whichever one we wanted and also the amount of time was also different, some 4 hours, some 6 or 8 hour investigations depending on what night or location. We chose the orphanage as we were told that we would definitely experience some activity there.

I do have to say the classes here at this event were really great! Again Dave never disappoints and I enjoyed the lectures a great deal. Something weird happened however while Chris Fleming was giving his class. I was sitting towards the back and one time when I looked up, there was this white glow all around him. I thought it was a trick of the lighting, maybe the ambient light or reflective? Yet it stayed with him the entire time. I nudged Tina and asked her if she could see that white shroud of light around Chris? It was most visible around his shoulders and then up around his head. She looked and looked and said no, she didn't see a thing. I shrugged it off then, thinking it was just nothing or my own mind or trick of the light from where I was sitting.

Many of the vendor tables were selling different pieces of equipment and I had been wanting to get an Ovilus but couldn't afford it so I opted to pick up a Shack Hack. This is just a Radio Shack radio that has been hacked a bit so that it will scan the am channels over and over again. The theory is that spirits or entities can use the frequencies and white noise to communicate with you. I asked how to use it and purchased it from Dave's table. Tina and I took it upstairs during a break to our room and I thought to turn it on and give it a quick whirl before we had to return downstairs for a class. I turned it on and began the scan and I ask if there is anyone there who would like to talk to us? I can hear it scanning, scanning...scanning and then I ask, if there is, could you please tell us your name? I then hear a voice say, "David". Ah awesome! David! We say hello David and I ask him then if he would like to talk to Tina? He said "No.". We laughed and I said ok, so you want to talk to me? What would you like to say? Do you have a message you would like to give me? Then, the next thing it said was: "Druid, listen."
I had a hard time making out the first word, it almost sounded like 'Do it" or something but my friend Tina, gasped and she said did you hear what it said? She said it was "Druid, listen!" This really freaked us out and why? Because I was enrolled in a Druid course and am a member of OBOD, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids! Now, could this have been a radio voice? Yes. But the chances of it saying something so off the wall on radio as Druid? Not likely! And the only person who knew that I was studying Druidry, was Tina. I had not shared that with anyone else.
We thanked David however as the message was very important for me and we turned off the Shack Hack and went on downstairs to the next class.

The first night, I took off to see friends of mine from high school who live not far from Gettysburg. I had not seen them in years and they thought I was nuts I think to be going ghost hunting! LOL It was so great to see them however as she was my best friend in high school and he was one year ahead of us. Her and I had all our senior classes together, everyone of them we scheduled together and it so made our senior high school year the best ever! What a blast!

Next night, we decided to head off to Sach's bridge on our own.

 Sach's Bridge is said to be very haunted and it was not one of the locations listed for investigation. I had researched it however before getting to PA and had the address all set and I knew I could just put it right into my GPS and no worries!

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