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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gettysburg, PA March 2010 --Part 3

The next day, we returned to that road and realized it is called Confederate Ave! It is where the Rebels had held the Yankees in a peach orchard. We saw monuments in honor of the men who died there. Freaky! We did not notice if there was a Neil among them but I'll be going back to find out! Click on the words Confederate Ave above to get a little history and see some pics of the place we were led to that night!

We did find Sach's bridge and took some pics and tried some evps as well in that location.

That night, we were off to the orphanage for our investigation. Now the orphanage is now a Soldier's Museum. Grandpa Jones from HeeHaw had bought it and made it into the Soldier's Museum. The basement is where children were held against their will by a nasty woman by the name of Rosa who from what we have learned, tortured these poor orphans. I won't go into the details of the vile things she did but she was a piece of work, I can tell you that.
This is a very creepy place with a full diorama with animals and mannequins dressed in period clothes and going downstairs is really a spooky experience! I learned then how important a flashlight can be so you can see where you are going! Tina and I managed to get all the way to end of the pathway by some glass cases and began to try to do an evp session there although there were others who were talking. She then felt something behind her to which I backed up against the wall so I would not have anything behind me. Upon entering the orphanage, she felt a burning to the back of her neck, that is significant if you know the history of some of the things Rosa did to the children.
Once down in the basement, there is a little room where Rosa used to stuff the kids in there for punishment. A serious paranormal group went into the little room, cramming themselves in there while Tina and I stayed at the entrance with a camera man from a local news station. His equipment was setting off my ghost meter I will note so he eventually turned it off. I set my meter upon the threshold of the entrance to this room and we began to talk quietly and ask questions.
I was wanting to communicate with a child spirit or entity and it appeared that we were able to do just that! My Ghost Meter began to light up as if seemingly in response to my direct questions. Now this got the attention of the group inside the room as when it lights up, it is bright and you can't miss it!
This was very exciting for I could ask it to stop and move away and then come closer to make it light up again. Coincidence? I don't believe so.

Later on, we moved out to the main room where pebbles had been tossed at others and we tried to get an evp. I felt a few cold spots and chills now and then, but other than that, it was pretty quiet.

After everyone left the next day, the hotel felt so eerily quiet and empty. All the energy had just disappeared from it, evaporated! Almost ghostly....spooky!!

We did get to roam into the town of Gettysburg itself a little bit and I am so looking forward to returning and exploring more!

This was a really great experience and I realized it was the 2nd year they were holding this event and so I am looking forward to the next one!

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