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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gettysburg, PA March 2010 --Extras

Just another note about some of the people who were there at the Phenomenology 102, feel free to click on some of their names as I've linked some of their own sites....

Bill Bean
He gave a really great class about some of his own experiences, very moving speaker!

Ami Bruni & Britt Griffith
I got to meet them both and wow are they tall! Very nice and gorgeous pics, they were very friendly and approachable!

Paranormal Sarah
Of course I got to talk with her again and she was offering readings but I did not get one from her this time but it was great to see her and chat!

Scotty Roberts
I did get a tarot reading by Scotty! Nice deck he is using and the reading was most accurate and I got to talk shop of tarot cards with him as I also, do readings myself and maybe looking into doing so in the future!

Patrick Burns
When I talked to Dave about what happened with our GPS, I asked him who was the one most techie guy there in the room? He said Patrick Burns. So off we went to see what his opinion was on what happened and if he could offer an alternate solution. After relating our tale, he said that it was not the satellite as was previously suggested to us by another paranormal team we had talked to. GPS' do not work like that. So he thought this was very wild and not inconceivable that it was something paranormal!

Chip Coffey
His gallery reading was great as always! I didn't get picked and began to wonder what I would ask anyway? But his energy and wit and straightforwardness just always cracks me up and makes me smile! Thanks Chip!

Tiffany Johnson
I did attend Tiffany's gallery reading and it was great! She asked who the Leo was that was in the group and I was the only Leo in the room! She talked of my mother and it was very wild! It near made me cry however to hear of some of what she had to say! Tiffany also gave us a copy of one of her little books and I thought that was so nice of her! :)

These were just some of the people there whose lectures or gallery readings I attended! I didn't mention everyone although everyone was really nice! It was a great time!! Thank you Dana & NEPI for a great event!

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