by The Ghost Peeker

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gettysburg, PA March 2010 --Part 2

Well, I put in the address to Sach's Bridge and once it was calculated in my old Garmin GPS, off we went! Now this is an older GPS and I had not updated it in years! So we went on down the road from the Eisenhower Inn and came up the road for Sach's Bridge and as soon as I turned onto it, bammo! Pylons were there blocking the way in front of a bridge. It did not look like Sach's Bridge at all from the pics of it I had seen online. Once our car turned onto the road, the GPS proclaimed we had reached our destination and then returned to normal mode, awaiting a new destination and simply showing us the map. We got out of the car and went over to the plaque and read that this was the Eisnehower Bridge. Cool, but not what we were looking for and obviously, we would not be able to cross it. We would have to go around. So I get the idea that maybe we should put the address in again and drive away from this spot and let it recalculate to which it would take us perhaps to the other side? So we do this. It keeps trying to have me make a U-turn, I ignore it and finally, it gives me directions and I follow it and what do you know? It takes us right back to where we were before! DOH! Again, shutting off to say we reached our destination. Well heck!

So then I talk to Tina and get another idea that maybe, the road is two words and not one and I should try to enter the address like that? I reached out towards the GPS and without touching it, it recalculated on it's own! Ok now that was just freaky deaky! So, we decide to follow it and see what it might lead us. A new route and by now, it's late and dark out and we are two women alone. We pull down this other road and it T-s to the same name of the road as we were on and that is the road that Sach's Bridge is on. The GPS tells us to take a left, so we do and the road becomes just a grassy track and we can't see around the bend. There is nothing but blackness up in front of us. We began to get the woogies and I got out and wanted to walk down there but, two women alone, late at night, no lights....yea....we were so weirded out and had no idea what was up ahead of us, that we just decided to go back to the hotel, see if we could find Chris Fleming who we had heard had been to Sach's Bridge so he would know where it was and maybe we could get him to come with us even?
So I put in the address for the hotel and we back out of there slowly and the GPS takes us a different way back to the hotel, making a right on this road that I had no idea what it was called. Making the right, there appeared before us, a cannon! Yikes! I didn't hit it ;) but instead began to go down this lonely type of road where there was a large parking lot there as if for buses to pull in and maybe picnic? or something anyway.
We get near the end of the road and Tina turns to me and says, you know...something made us go this way. We should stop and do an evp session. I agreed and so backed up slowly to the one parking lot and we got out our equipment. The first, was the Shack Hack. It was kinda chilly so I rolled down the window and stuck the antennae out and turned on the radio and began to ask some questions. Now, our first biggest mistake here was that we did not have the recorder on. DOH! I so wish we had now, for once something is said, it's gone unless you recorded it.
Well we kept getting the same message from the same guy, just mixed up in order of the words each time. "Neil, shot, dead."
We had no clue the significance of where we were at the time, so we turned off the radio and decided to do an evp session. Tina is asking the questions and as we were told in a class that Chip Coffey gave,

 that spirits are all around you all the time and you need not go to a cemetary to find them, They are even in your car! Ok so let's give it a test shall we? We turn on my recorder and Tina asks if there is anyone with us in the car? Playback revealed nada. All quiet. Then she asks if there is someone here who messed with our GPS, in our little box here, to where she points. She described it like that for if they were from the Civil War times, they would not know what  GPS was.
Playback....tell me what you hear!

Tina has looped it and amplified it so you can hear a woman's voice, at least I hear it, do you!?

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