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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Stanley Hotel/Nov 2008, part 3

The Stanley Hotel is really a gorgeous place! If you have not been there before, it is very much worth going! Take a peek at their gallery of pictures:

They are now running special ghost hunting packages where they toss in a KII along with the price! Check it out:

The above is a reservation page and if you look in the middle table, you can scroll to where you see: A Ghost Adventure package! You get to stay in one of their famous spooky rooms and get your first piece of ghost hunting equipment all in one deal! How fun!

Well onward we went for our first night of ghost hunting and where to? It was the 4th floor next! Where we wandered the very same halls that children's spirits are said to run up and down playing yet no one is there? We were in a few of the more haunted rooms with Bill Chappell and his Ovalus (that you can't purchase anymore. :( However, Bill has designed a new piece of equipment called the PX. More about that later!).

Tina and I wandered to various rooms when we settled in at this one on the 4th floor. Eventually there were but a handful of us in there and again, my ghost meter was kickin butt with readings! Now, many poo poo this device because they say it is a cell sensor. Yet, it does not pick up cell phone activity at all, at least, mine does not. But what is wild is that the KII got nothing or barely anything, whereas my device did. I was able to literally trace a form that seemed to be lying on the one side of the bed. We also got what seemed to be answers to questions and everyone was thrilled and excited to see this! A crowd kinda formed and it was great! While sitting down in another room, we were all watching the Ovilus and seeing how it worked, when we heard a noise in the bathroom behind me. I was not sure what it was, something in the shower but we could not get it to repeat itself so it could have just been a coincidence.

After the 4th floor, we headed off to another area of the hotel with Chris Fleming. This was at the guest house I believe and the hour had grown very late or very early depending on how you look at it. Tina seemed to have gotten ill and so she left to go lay down in our room. There was a huge crowd of us in this one room with Chris as he was trying to ask the entity to lower the temperature in the room if it could. It seemed to do this as it registered on his thermometer. By then, it was close to 4 am and I was exhausted and so returned to my room that I shared with Tina to check on her and make sure she was ok, which she was.

Dave from Darkness Radio kept everyone on track and called for us to change locations every hour and it really helped the whole event stay organized considering there were 200 of us attending and 100 of us on one night and then 100 of us the next night doing the ghost hunt.

I could not tell if I had any real good EVPs from the time spent with the ghost hunt itself because of all the people there.  If you have any doubts, you toss it or rule it out.

All in all, for my first actual ghost hunt, it was great! Great job Dave from Darkness Radio!! Luv ya!

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