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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Stanley Hotel/Nov 2008, Extras!

Just a final note here about this trip before I return to post of the next ghost hunt I went on, which was in Minnesota as I attended the Psychic Awakenings weekend there...
At most of these events, you often get the chance to attend a gallery reading, much like you may have seen with "Crossing Over with John Edwards". Plus, you also get to meet some really great people who are offering different services and items for sale.
Some of these people I have met thus far are: Scotty Roberts who reads tarot cards from a gorgeous tarot deck! Paranormal Sarah, who will read animal bones and does energy readings. Chris Fleming often has equipment for sale and there are lots of photo opps for those who like their pics taken with the celebrities.

I am not one to really do the picture thing with the celebrities but I am going to try to do that more, so that you can see what the people look like that I am writing about. :)
I don't have stars in my eyes however nor am I all gushy about those who have been on tv or whatnot. To me, they are just like you and I. These people happen to be at the right place at the right time and many have special talents and gifts that they have honed and excel at. So while I do see others who go swooning over Zak, Nick, or Aaron from Ghost Adventures, I don't do that. I like to try to learn from them and talk with them instead. They are really nice guys!

So anyway, I signed up for an energy reading from Sarah and it was a great reading! There is no way she could have known a few things that she did and it also made me realize how much I was aware of too but yet had not voiced it aloud or acknowledged it before. Sarah is a really great lady who I enjoy talking to whenever I go to one of these events! Be sure and see her if you go!!

I also attended a Gallery Reading by the Parrys. That was really wild to sit in on. I know there are many skeptics out there about these things, thinking they are fake and all. But I just don't see how anyone could possibly know the things they pull out. It is not just dates or facts, but it is about personalities which is something they could no way know. Were the audience members plants then? No. I can attest to that which I will explain in another blog post of another trip I took just this past year! So be on the lookout for that!

My only bad thing about the Stanley is that I had no rental car. Ooohh big mistake! So I was locked into eating at the hotel and it was a bit expensive. I wished I had rented a car and I could have then gone down into the town and ate at some of the other restaurants. The town also had a lot of quaint shops that just beckoned for the curious traveler and shopper to go poking thru!
Plus the shuttle to and from the Denver Airport out to the Stanley is expensive.

My only pieces of equipment that I had and took with me to the Stanley were my ghost meter, a small Olympus recorder and my camera, which I only used to take pics although it does take video, a nice Kodak Easy Share.

This was definitely a great trip that really ignited my interest into the paranormal even more! I can not begin to say how great I felt to not feel so alone and that there are many others out there who share my interests.

Next trip: Psychic Awakenings, Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN, November 2009

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