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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Psychic Awakenings, Minneapolis, MN--Nov 2009--Part 3

Just before I was to fly up to this event, I received word that Derek Acorah had to cancel. I was very disappointed but understood he got called away to do something on the very same weekend. So Chris Fleming was to take over for him on the alternate ghost hunt. I could have gotten my money back that I had paid for the ghost hunt but I opted instead to go on it anyway with Chris for I knew it would be great with him too.
So after the classes were pretty much over, 8 of us met at the courtyard that night for the ghost hunt. I got to meet Rachel who is a very nice lady although she did not go with us.
I was able to hitch a ride with Dave and Chris and a few others down to the Mounds Theatre in St. Paul. 

I had not picked up any other equipment at this time, so I still had my ghost meter and digital recorder. I hung with Chris so I could learn more and listen and be more aware. He had his Spirit Box with him. I didn't use too much of my own equipment this time as I wanted to be more open and attuned with my senses. It was a very nice theatre and seemed to be set up more so for plays than anything else. There are several different hauntings in there. We kept thinking we heard voices backstage but did not see anything. Some shadows didn't seem quite right but it was difficult to tell so I ruled it out as mostly the mind just matrixing. 

Eventually, we headed upstairs to the children's playroom. There we sat in chairs arranged in a large circle and Dave and Chris were leading the talk to see if we could get any EVPs. It was very quiet when all of a sudden the lady to my left screamed out! I jumped and turned to her and she was starting to cry as I got up quickly and knelt before her. Holding her hands in my own, she related to us that she felt something yank the hood of her jacket back, very hard. It scared the heck out of her! She was so very upset for it was not a playful tug. I went immediately into protective mode and made sure she was ok before I sat back down. A prayer was said and then we later left the room and headed to the main part of the theatre.

While coming downstairs, going ahead of Chris, I looked back for a second as something caught my eye and it seemed that there was a double image of him or another was there in a doorway or threshold for a split second. It was very bizarre. Again, I dismissed it as I had tried to look more intently on it and it was gone.

Afterwards, we all decided to go down to the basement where a very nasty negative energy is suppose to be. It was a bit of a squeeze to get thru the backstage sets and then down to the basement. We entered this square room that was made of cinderblocks on all four walls with no air vents in the room. Just a doorway and walls. There was an oppressive feeling here, like very heavy air, tension was thick, you could just feel it. I shrugged this off however so I wouldn't psyche myself out and entered thinking it was just a storage room and nothing more.
But no....there was something there. We were all standing around and Chris began to talk of what he could feel was this negative energy and it was trying to enter him thru his back! So Dave stood up against him, putting his back to Chris' back so that it could not do that to Chris. After a few minutes that same lady from the children's room who had screamed, grabbed my arm and she fell to the floor! I pulled away and stepped back having been startled to see what was going on as I noticed she was on the floor and her husband was rushing to her aid. The only thing behind her was a wall, that was it but she said she felt like something grabbed her by the throat and pushed her down to the floor!! Dave rushed over to help her as well but it left Chris open so I stepped in and took Dave's place and put my back to Chris' for I was not about to allow anything to harm him if I could help it. I was in full protective mode at this point as I know I am a natural shield and can block energies.
Dave had us all gather in a circle then, backs facing inward as I remained where I was as prayers were said and we took a stand against whatever it was. I could feel air coming at me from the far wall and then blowing past my face from right to left. It came at me straight and then would not be able to touch me but only go around and then pass over my left shoulder to the point where the people standing there to my left all exclaimed they could feel that air passing them by!
Once Chris felt the energy had backed off somewhat. we left the room quickly.  

Back upstairs, I sat with Chris as he got out his Spirit Box and he began to talk to the voices that were coming out of it. What was funny was that he was told that his father was off golfing and they were all laughing for they were hiding his balls on him so he couldn't find them. We had a good laugh as we listened and he asked them questions.

I left Minnesota with a better understanding and great outlook on all I had learned of. I was excited and on top of the world and felt it was the best event I have ever gone to. Everyone was so friendly and nice and it was such a great experience being able to talk to psychics and the vendors as well from the area. I now keep an eye out for future Awakening events!

Next Event: The Waverly Hills Sanatorium with Ghost Adventures & Darkness Radio!

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