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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Stanley Hotel/Nov 2008, part 2

That was very exciting! We got to meet many of the people who are very big in the field of the paranormal and we were able to attend some really interesting classes! If you haven't been an event, you should really check it out!
The event is split into two nights of ghost hunting with the celebrities and those with experience and those who are new. As it was our first time, we got put into the first group and set off to the annex with Jason and Grant from TAPS. I made sure that I grounded myself and protected myself before I began investigating. Many people, including those on the shows, do not do this. Their non-belief and skepticism is their defense but I have seen and heard way too much to rely on that for myself.

Tina and I were with a group that were led down to what is known as Grant's favorite room. If you watch their show, it's the room where the table falls over on him I believe.  So there we sat for a long time.
First lesson I learned about ghost hunting was to not have too many people with you. The contamination element is high as you have no idea who is whispering or talking and it's hard when you go back to listen for possible EVPs.

We sat around for a while, some people were asking questions and some others got bored and left. A small handful of us were left when this one woman started to get touched! She was sitting in a chair and no one was behind her. She got very upset and scared and took off out of the room. Tina jumped up and sat in the chair as she wanted to be touched. It was not long before she did feel something pressing against her neck and upper shoulder and she also felt a pressure in her head.

We switched places but I didn't feel a thing. No touch or anything. After a while, her and I were the only two in the room and it wasn't long before Jason came in to check on us and let us know that it was nearly time for us to change locations. Every hour, we would be moving to another more haunted area of the hotel and work with a new set of people. Jason is very personable and friendly to talk to and we had a nice conversation with him before we had to leave that area.

Tina and I were then led off to the basement area where a lil kid ghost was said to haunt. We managed to get into the crawlspace but again, nothing as it was difficult to hear with so many people about. I would soon learn this a running theme at these events, too many people. In the other area however, these two ladies who were leading this location, were able to get some great EVPs by a little girl who likes jewelry. This is where we learned that being super, sugary sweet to spirits or entities, can get you some results. Sometimes they would even see the jewelry move!

Next stop was the famed Stephen King Suite, right next to my room! Gotta love that!! Father Andrew Calder led that area and he was more aggressive in provoking and calling out the energies or spirits that are believed to be there in that area.
What was odd, was that most everyone had KII meters, whereas I, had my little ghost meter. There was an electromagnetic field near the door and it would emenate out but the KIIs were not picking up much of anything else. I stood back by the bathroom to the right as you go in and all of a sudden my ghost meter began to pick up some fluctuating fields!! Everyone turned to look over as it has this huge area on the front end that flashes bright red and you can't miss it!! So I held it out and very still as all turned towards me and we began to ask questions and it seemed to be responding?! Still nothing was coming up on the KIIs? I am not sure if it is because the KIIs are just too restrictive? Or it just liked my gadget or perhaps some intereference somewhere? It was great however, although my arm got really tired of holding it in one spot in mid-air for so long.

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