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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Psychic Awakenings, Minneapolis, MN--Nov 2009--Part 2

I could really not say enough about the vendors at this event. The local people of Minnesota are just fantastic! Several booths were set up with all sorts of things from crystals and psychic readings to aura reports! I loved it! I went from vendor to vendor and spoke with nearly all of them about various different topics.They even had some people downstairs and I made to visit them as well and picked up brochures and browsed through the things they had for sale.

I was definitely interested in the aura pictures and reports and so made an appt to have that done. They had this wonderful machine that you place your hand on and you sit on a stool with a white screen behind you and they take your picture and then generate a full report for you off the computer. I was so excited! I got the larger report and it had a copy of my picture on the front with my aura showing all around me in this purple color mostly. The report goes over in detail about the colors in your aura and it explains your chakras and the meaning of the colors. Something to note too is that your aura colors can change but at this moment I had a lot of ultra-violet and white light, some green and pink.

One of the vendors, Echo Bodine, was also a speaker. She is a really wonderful psychic!

At her table, she was selling a few mirror necklaces and she talks of them in her class as she gets asked about them often. I picked up a few of these for my friends as they reflect negative energy.

Chip Coffey also gave a talk and he did a gallery reading as well. For those who do know him, he is on Psychic Kids.

He is just a really funny and charasmatic man! With a no nonsense approach, he is most direct and pulls no punches. But what a warm, kind man as well! I have enjoyed his gallery readings and listening to him give talks.

I got to talk at great length with Paranormal Sarah this time. A very insightful young woman with a very kind and caring demeanor. This time however, I read her tarot with my own deck that I had brought with me.

I also did a 3 card spread for Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio, something I normally do not do myself as I prefer the Celtic Cross spread. But both of the readings went very well.

The classes were just incredible! Another great personality is John J. Oliver!

I really enjoyed his talk about the Saturn Returns and psychic awareness. I would love to attend one of his seminars or camps one day. He is the star of Haunting Evidence and has a significant background in the paranormal.

These were just some of the more well known and top speakers that were at this huge event! I did pick up a few other things as well that just spoke to me. Ever go thru a store and something just jumped out at you and you felt this really strong urge to touch it or to actually purchase it? I have found that is happening for a reason and so I have been listening more often. It is a very strong feeling you get.

One of the things that I realized from this event is that I have to remember to bring cash with me for their atm also ran out of money and more would not be put in by the bank until Monday. I almost had to hire a taxi to take me to an atm and then back to the event! So always make sure if you are going to an event I highly recommend a rental car so you can pick up and go as you need to and you are not stuck at the hotel and dependent on them for food (which is normally expensive) and also if you did not bring enough cash with you, that you can at least get more out of an atm. 

The other thing was that I realized just how shy I am about taking pictures. I don't like to come off like a fan or tourist and yet, I am that too! But I promise more pics as I go to future events!

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