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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Return to Gettysburg, March 2011, part 8, Monuments

Since I was up so late, I slept in late and took my time getting something to eat. I missed the Cryptozoology as well as the How I Help the Paranormal Client classes. But I had also taken a drive back out to Confederate Ave to see what I might be able to come up with, evidence wise or at the very least, get some more pics of all the monuments along that particular road where Tina and I had been before and picked up the EVP in the car while on this particular road.
There was just something so very haunting while I was out there, all alone.

This was President Eisenhower's farm that is talked of in the pics above.
The pics below are all from this one monument to the boys of South Carolina.
Having lived in South Carolina for some time, I really wanted to be sure to take some nice photos of this particularly impressive monument. 
Below is the backside of the monument.

I really loved this tree pictured below:
I tried to imagine the soldiers out on this field fighting and I played some of the civil war songs I had in my cd player, in honor of the men who fought and died here in Gettysburg.

After I returned to the hotel, in time for Chip Coffey's gallery that afternoon, I had already checked out and knew I would be taking off as soon as the gallery ended. As always, Chip touches the hearts of so many, and I so wished I had brought a box of tissues with me as I ended up shedding many tears for the other people who were picked.

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