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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Return to Gettysburg, March 2011, part 9, Drive to Harper's Ferry & Extras

After Chip Coffey's gallery reading in Gettysburg at the Eisenhower Hotel, I was packed, but before I  drove off to meet my friend David in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, I stopped by the vendor's room one more time and managed to get a few more pics in! This first is myself with John Zaffis, the Godfather of the Paranormal! Please be sure and check his link out off to the right as well as you can find him on the SyFy channel in the show: Haunted Collector. Be sure to catch him!

Of course, I had to get a pic of the best smelling man at the event, none other than Jeff Belanger! He really is a total goofball, just like you see him on 30 Odd Minutes! But don't let that wickedly sharp wit fool you! He's a talented writer and accomplished author! The Legends Man himself!

I did get to catch up to the Pickmans, Debra and Tony, of The Sallie House fame and talk about what had happened at the General Lee Headquarters and the great pics that Tony had taken! I had a lovely conversation with Debra herself. Do be sure and meet them if you can and talk with them! Their experiences are just incredible and they are both very nice people!

And last but certainly not least are the folks below from The Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio! They run the tours and are chock full of great information on how you too, can go there and ghost hunt! Please be sure and check out their site highlighed in green just above! For those who may not know, it's where the Shawshank Redemption was filmed! Very creepy place! I've not been there yet but I would love to get up there and do an investigation some time! It is definitely on my list! They were very friendly and kind and I had a great conversation with them!

It was a lovely drive out to Harper's Ferry and I got there in time to meet my friend David for dinner. We ate at a really nice restaurant that sat on a hill. For those who have never been there, so much of Harper's Ferry is situated on a high hill! It's wild!
The train that passes through is still very active and you could easily picture the supplies for the civil war being transported upon the train as it followed the river.

David had signed us up for a walking ghost tour, led by none other than Rick Garland himself from: "O' Be JoyFull!" . If you have not ever gone or went on this walking tour, it is a MUST! Just be prepared to walk up steep hills! I thoroughly enjoyed myself however and he was a most entertaining and very knowledgeable tour guide! I won't spoil it nor reveal a great deal so I will leave it at that so that when next you go thru there, you may go and enjoy the tour! :) 
We had a lot of young ROTC kids along with us on the tour, a lot more people than I would have anticipated or guessed. But it is definitely a tour that you can't miss!

Afterwards, I drove off to my hotel and David went home. We met the next morning, he picked me up at my hotel and then off we went to a few wineries in the area he wanted to show me. :)
We had a really grand time and it was a great ending to a wonderful event and trip for me! I was able to just relax, sit back and drink some wine, enjoy good food and wonderful company!
Here are some pics of some of the wineries in northern Virginia that we were able to visit:

These were the gorgeous views that we had from the top of the hill where our first winery was located. Simply beautiful!

This is at the back of the winery, we were on the balcony and I could imagine how lovely this is when it's closer to early summer/late spring on a nice sunny day!
This is my friend David, Slainte!
On to the next!

This one was sorta tucked away and we kinda just fell into it as we were out driving about.
They had a lovely large tasting room however, nice, lovely wine! We did go to one other but I did not get pics of that one. It was very quaint inside and they had a nice selection of cheeses and small platters and lots of wonderful bread! I enjoyed myself immensely! Thank you David! Nice way to cap off a great ghost hunting event!

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