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Monday, February 27, 2012

Return to Gettysburg, March 2011, part 7, Gen Lee HQ

After the Civil War museum and getting to talk with Patrick, I went off to dinner and then headed over to General Lee's Headquarters.
I don't have pictures of the outside of this building but I do have a few of the inside as to when things were happening!
Next time I am in Gettysburg, I'll get some pics of the outside of this building. It has been turned into a hotel/motel type of place, sadly enough. Yet, there were reportedly some strange happenings in some of the buildings and rooms that have been renovated for hotel rooms and suites but were once purportedly used as General Lee's headquarters and others used for various types of buildings by the soldiers during the civil war.

I met the group of people (way too many again) who were to investigate this site along with a few paranormal teams that were leading some of the people, Debra and Tony Pickman of The Sallie House fame, were also there with their son. I got to go with Tony and his son and a couple members of a paranormal team and a few others. Debra and the others went off to one building on the other side of the complex. We went off to the two story building that was said to be General Lee's headquarter building itself. We went to the top suite first and got settled in and those who were leading the investigation talked to us about how they would like to conduct it and what equipment we all had.  
Here is where I always ask if they mind if I use some of my equipment, namely the PX as it can disrupt evp sessions and some people are bothered by it. They were agreeable with me using it and so I turned it on until it got to the point where it was just rambling on like crazy which is a tell-tale sign that it was low on batteries which can happen very quickly with the PX as it drains batteries fast!

Those I was with had some nice cameras and some great equipment! I will share with you all some of the pics that they took and talk about them. We had been upstairs first and I believe these first two pics are from there. Take a peek and see what you think!

We had heard some noises, something odd sounding back here by the bathroom and so they took these two pics in succession. You can see the importance of doing so as you never know what you might catch. Was it just a blur pic? Or was something there? Interesting!

Next, we moved downstairs and that's when things really started to happen!  Hits off the KII and I had my own personal experience!! First tho', is just a pic of some orbs. I am not a huge fan of them, hard to know just what they were, entity, ball of energy, bug, dust? Hard to say.
But we felt there was something in this lower level with us. It was just a certain feeling. Again the next two are two pics in succession. Take a look at his hand there on the bed where the KII and Mel-Meter was and we were getting hits. From one pic to the next! He was definitely feeling something while he was laying there too! Very wild!
Notice again the blur? It's just odd cause Tony who is very experienced was taking these pics and the man on the bed was picking up some odd sensations. I am there on the floor to the left up against the wall. I have to say behind me there in that doorway was a bathroom and it felt...eerie and like someone was there watching.
Just a note that this camera was on a tripod too. Kinda odd eh?
Ok now this pic below is me sitting in the chair. You can see my head just over the back of the chair in the middle of the picture. Take a look at my hair. I am wearing a leather jacket and the chair is leather. I have my ghost meter there and on one knee was my recorder I believe but I was most relaxed and laying back in the comfy chair. As the others were talking quietly here or there, I all of a sudden felt an odd sensation! There was a tingling of some kind right there at my right temple! It felt like my hair was being caressed! Not only that but it felt like someone or something had ran their fingers thru the hair at my temple and stretched it out off to my right side! I remained still and just allowed the sensation to continue as it felt nice and not harmful. It was like a caress ever so slightly along my temple and then up into my ear. I just stayed there and smiled and tried to withstand the touch as much as I could for as long as I could. I did eventually say something to those in the room in a very calm and gentle manner and relayed what I was experiencing. Tony took these pics:
As you can see, they had a laser grid set up but it was my hair that when you looked into the camera to review the pics, it looked like my hair which is very fine and light and has absolutely no product in it as I prefer my hair pretty natural, was sticking straight out in the air and it looked like a hand was holding it out. That's exactly how it felt!
But if you look at these pics close up, you don't see that. It's so bizarre and wild!
Once the sensation moved into my ear and was caressing and tickling the inside of my ear, I couldn't take it anymore and laughed and shrugged and asked to please stay out of my ear as I am quite ticklish there!!
It was a very nice tender touch however and it was the first time I had ever experienced something like that! It was like whatever it was, wanted to play with my hair or caress the side of my face.

There is no solid documentation of this and my face did not turn red nor did I lose any hair or anything, so it remains a personal experience for me, despite the pics that Tony Pickman took. It was wild tho'! I was on air after this experience and thought it was just wild and wonderful!! I was definitely not disappointed at General Lee's Headquarters!

We did eventually swap locations with Debra and her group but we did not really experience anything at all in that area. After a while, we were able to return to the original building we had conducted our investigation at and were allowed to remain til very late if we wished. I ended up leaving however after the mass exodus as I was quite tired and I knew I had a big day ahead of me in the morning.

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