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Monday, February 27, 2012

Return to Gettysburg, March 2011, part 5, Chris Fleming

After Robert Murch's class, we had a lunch break and were to be back by 2pm for a talk and gallery reading by Chris Fleming!
There had been a change in the schedule as can happen at these events. Sadly, Father Andrew Calder, a Demonologist scheduled to give a talk on Demonology had become ill and was not able to attend the event. It was ashame as I had had the priviledge to attend his class on Demonology at my first event at the Stanley Hotel. I continue to send my prayers and heartfelt good healing thoughts his way as he has been battling alot of illnesses this past year.
I believe Steven A LaChance also was not able to make it for his class so Chris stepped in.

If you do get to an event and are lucky to have Chris Fleming there and giving a class, DO NOT MISS IT! I could never stress that enough. Chris Fleming is an amazing man! Soft-spoken and kind and funny, he has a deep spirituality that just touches the soul. I enjoy every class he has given as I feel there is alot that I could learn from him so I try to never ever miss any of his classes if I can help it.

I know many women go gaa-gaa over him as he is very nice looking man, but for me, yes he is, but even more so, it is his soul that is beautiful and he has a special light eminating from him. I have been priviledged to have seen his aura, not once, but twice.

His evidence he has captured that he has shared with those of us in the audience has been amazing too. I always seem to learn something in his classes, even if it is the same, there is always something new added in.
His gallery reading was the first time I had attended a gallery session by him. It was not something that he normally does and I had already had a one on one session with Chris back in Minnesota during the Psychic Awakenings. I have to remind myself however no matter whose gallery that I attend, his, the Parry's or Chip Coffey's, that I have to bring a box of tissues with me as I always end up crying for the other people who are picked for how much they are touched by the experiences that are shared and spoken of. So many times as their hearts are touched and they break up with tears, I want to so reach out to them and hug them and squeeze their hand and I end up crying with them even from my seat.

Thinking of gallery readings, leads me to think of Crossing Over with John Edwards. Some have said he is fake and a friend told me that it was proved. I am sorry, I just can't believe that. I think facts and names could very well be yes, but there are things that just can't be and that includes knowing things those who have passed, would say or to be able to pick up on their personalities 100% right on! That, can't be faked. It just can't. I loved watching that show and I have to say, being a part of the gallery readings is always a treat for me. I am not sure how many more I can attend however at this point as I do end up so emotional during them as my empathy just spills out all over for everyone there. So I may limit my time there. But if you haven't gone, be sure and do so and you will be amazed and your heart touched!

I did visit with Chris briefly at his table in the vendor room and I kept seeing over the past few events and this one was no different, that book, The Key, by Whitley Strieber.

I just finally finished reading it the other night. It took me a while. It was not a long book by any means but some of the messages and words within are quite profound and really made me think. That and of course my life is so hectic and busy, I don't get alot of time to read anymore although I am trying to remedy that lately.

Chris highly recommended it to me as did many people who strolled by his table while I was there. So many gushed over this book. There were a few ideas that I felt were really out there in the 'Zone, but others were very interesting and again, challenged my own ideas and thoughts about the world and also touched a wee bit on the paranormal as well. I think you have to be in a certain frame of mind to be able to take this book in. It certainly did give me pause for thought.

We then had dinner break and afterwards, Debra and Tony Pickman were to talk about The Sallie House and then afterwards was John Zaffis and Rosemary Ellen Gallery, along with a break. Unfortunately, I missed most of these last two and I wished I had not missed them.
I did have to be at General Lee's Headquarters by 10 pm but before that, Spooky had invited me to be a part of the group investigation over at the Civil War Wax Museum! It was then that I met a couple of her team mates, one of which I spoke with at length, Patrick.

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