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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Stanley Hotel Return - March 2011, Part 6 -Ghosts

These ghost hunting events always seem to just fly by! You arrive and before you know it, they are over.

As I was about to leave Estes Park, there was a snow storm brewing up over the mountains and I could see it coming and I was glad that I was leaving early so I would miss it and be able to fly home and not be stuck at the Denver airport.

Luckily, it was not too early either so I could see driving down the windy, wet roads and not worry as much as I would before sunrise of hitting all the wildlife that crosses the roads. You still have to be careful up there but I knew closer to lunch, the less likely the wild animals would be out.

I could not help but look back towards the Carriage house while I was loading my car up in the parking lot that is off to the side of the hotel itself. I had to wonder just what ghosts or spirits were there that we did not get to investigate or try to engage in communication with. It is said that there is a darker element there. Those who had died in the hotel on the beds, those mattresses are taken down to the carriage house and before, it was used as a morgue. This place is abandoned and no one is ever allowed to go in there unless escorted or approved by staff. There are cold spots, EVPs caught there and EMFs have been detected. Someone had grabbed a woman who had been in there and things have been noted to fall over with provoking. The staff will not allow the regular person in there to investigate however and there are signs posted all over that you will be removed from the property if you are seen skulking about there. Part of me wanted to go sit near there at night to see what, if anything, I might get.

The rooms of the Stanley that are purported to be haunted are:
Room 401 - Lord Dunraven's room. He was the original owner and it is said that people can sometimes see a man standing in the closet and many provoke him. It's also said that he watches women dress.

Room 407 - Footsteps are heard outside this room's door and noted that it appeared that someone sat on the bed as you see the indentation but no one is there.

Room 428 - Noises are heard, a man pacing the room and has kissed women on the forehead and left. It is said to be a cowboy ghost with a hat.

Room 412 - Bed levitating and a woman hysterical. This is known as the poltergeist room.

Room 418 - A boy spirit here named Matthew.

Room 217 - Stephen King Suite, where he stayed and got the idea to write The Shining.

This room is where Jim Carey was to stay while filming Dumb & Dumber but he only remained within for like an hour and he came running back down to the front desk with his bags and said he would not remain there and would be staying elsewhere. To this day, he has not spoken of just what happened in that room. 

 My room the first year I stayed here, Room 215 is right next to this one and it is where I got my first EVP. Check out my posts of it in the archives here on this blog!

In the Manor House:

Room 1302 - People have woken up feeling paralyzed. Could be sleep paralysis? Or paranormal? Odd. This was the room that I felt the single pin prick in my right knee while sitting in one of the soft cushy chairs. Very bizarre and there was talk of a pig man?

Admin Building is said to be haunted by a little boy who died of TB and was 4 years old.
Employee was killed.

Concert Hall - An old woman is there. John Phillip Sousa opened it up.

I learned a lot during this last trip to the Stanley Hotel. The classes were even better than ever and we really got into the nitty gritty when it came to equipment. I liked to hear how certain pieces of equipment worked for some of the more experienced like the Constantinos and Billy Tolley. I scribbled lots of notes during those classes.

I look forward to my return there this November with another ghost hunting event with Darkness Radio and Ghost Adventures. I definitely want to hit a few places there for sure to investigate as it will probably be the last time I am at the Stanley for a long while.

Next up, I'll be talking of the return to Gettysburg! :)

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