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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Stanley Hotel Return - March 2011, Part 5, Pet Cemetary

The next morning, I decided to go down to the pet cemetary as I had gotten directions to where it was, right there on the property of the hotel. I had taken my equipment with me and although it was during the day, I still thought I might get something. I reached the cemetary and there was a man and a woman there already, looking around.

I had later heard a rumor that this pet cemetary was where Stephen King got his idea for that book, Pet Semetary but after a bit of research, I found out that no, that is not so. But so odd and coincidental that here at the Stanley, they too had a pet cemetary.

I had my PX with me and this is where I kick myself for not having my recorder on at the same time.

Anyway, I got there and saw the other two people and was respectful to not be in their way. I got out my PX just to see what I might get from it and I began to look over the small cemetary plots, reading epitaphs and being respectful of the small little fences that lined the path. My PX started to talk pretty quickly. I began trying to interact with it and ask questions. The guy who was there in the cemetary, noticed that I had a PX and he came over closer to talk with me as I realized that he and the lady too, were also there for the event.

As I began to talk with the guy and ask questions of the PX, I heard it say, "Officer". I turned to him and asked him if he is an officer? He said well yes, he is, actually and just as he said that, the PX said, "Hidden". The guy then lifted up his shirt and showed me his badge, the 5 pointed star badge that was 'hidden' and that he is actually a detective!! That was just amazing!

I started to ask questions of the PX and of the animals that were buried there and it said, "Rabid" and then I asked which dog was rabid? (There are mostly dogs at the cemetary). It then said "East" "15". So I took that to mean it was east and I faced that way and then 15 paces towards that way. It took me to the last grave and looking at the dates, the dog had only lived a year. Pretty wild eh?

Unfortunately, we did not get to stay too long. The PX went quiet and I spoke with the handsome guy for a little while longer and then he and the other woman left and more people came by so I took that as my own cue to leave and allow others a chance there.

This is definitely an area I would like to return to and definitely plan on doing so when I go back to the Stanley in November for the next ghost hunting event with Darkness Radio and Ghost Adventures' Zak and Aaron. I wish Nick could go there too! :) HINT HINT NICK!! ;)

I know it will be pretty cold up there in the mountains too, not much different in November from March and from when I was first there at the Stanley. But this is definitely a key area that I plan to get a bit more investigating done and I will be for sure keeping my recorder on for possible evps! This cemetary felt a bit sad and definitely spooky!

It was also nice that the pets who passed away, were seen to and memorialized right here on the land they roamed and played upon and that in some way, their spirits would never be forgotten.

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