by The Ghost Peeker

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Equipment Coming!

I just ordered the DTD from Digital Dowsing (Bill Chappell) as I got to try it out during my latest ghost hunting event I attended back at the Stanley. I love it! It really helps to clear up all the confusion of exactly just what the PX said! I'll go into it more when I write up about this latest trip.

I also ordered a Mel-Meter as I got to meet the man who makes them, Gary Galka, during this trip too! I heard the story behind the Mel-Meters during his talk and it had me in tears. I told Gary that each time I use the Mel-Meter, I will always do so with reverence and remember his daughter and him.
This was a touching story that really brought home the reasonings behind alot of this equipment.

Again, I'll talk more on this when I get caught up here but I just wanted to give you all a heads up for now. It's been a really, super crazy and most busy past month or so in getting ready for Halloween and my daughter's Creepy 18th Birthday Party! Now time to get Halloween decorations put away and the house in order and for me to catch up on everything.

Coming up for the blog is the return trip to Gettysburg, Alcatraz, Chip Coffey's Coffee Talk, touch on Halloween and this latest Stanley Trip. Plus the new equipment reviews!

Trips in the future include a trip to Vegas (not investigation, just fun and divination although I may be using the PX/DTD at that time) and possible return to Gettysburg. I'd love to get to Mansfield but it is at a hairy time for me. Exciting times!


  1. Get this stuff already so we can play with it at Moxley!

  2. LOL It's coming darlin'! One more piece to arrive next month! :)