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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Stanley Hotel Return - March 2011, Part 4

I was signed up for the 1st night of investigations at the Stanley. We all assembled to where Dave had separated us into the 1st night and the 2nd night, which comes to about half and half of the over 200 people who were attending the event.

What is nice is that Dave also further breaks you down between those who are new at investigating and those who are more experienced. I got to go with the first group of more experienced and I was led out to the Concert Hall where Bill Chappell was at with a plasma device that was very impressive and interesting as he showed us how it worked and had us do an EVP experiment. Again, as I've said often in my posts, this was not really the time to do any serious investigating due to all the people there and the inevitable contamination from everyone. But, it is very interesting in talking with those who are more experienced in the paranormal field and to learn of the latest technology that is being worked on and that is due to come out and be available to the general public.

We only had 4 hours to investigate and it seems there were more than 4 locations so that meant that we would have less than an hour at each location which was a bummer. My next stop was in the basement with the Constantinos!! Now here is where it got really good! My group got split at that point again, which was just brilliant and I made sure that I went with the Constantinos to the basement. They were getting some things happening there and I definitely wanted to see and hear for myself. I was towards the back of the group as Mark and Debby had us all sit down in a tight group and they said to keep an eye out on the hallway that had a light on at the end of it in an adjoining room. There was a curtain across the doorway there and the rest of the tunnel was dark where we had sat down at. I faced towards that room and had my back slightly turned away from the group and I kept my recorder playing. Debby kept coughing and was having a hard time of it when all of a sudden, she caught an EVP and I was able to catch it on my recorder as well!
Check it out as I put it up on YouTube recently:

This is the door at the far end of the basement that you can not get down into unless staff takes you there or at an event. Beyond the door are like tunnels. Take a listen and tell me what you think you might hear? I've cut and copied the evp and made it repeat itself so you might listen to it better.

Now this was just exciting!

But it got better!!
While I watched the curtain towards the back, it looked like it kept moving on it's own. I saw shadows down at the bottom and then at times, the curtains would open slightly and then close again. After a while of that, all of a sudden, the curtains parted and I could see a pair of dark shadowy legs stride across the room in a hurry! I thought right off, oh it has to be that someone is there. Someone remarked on it and I said no, someone is down there but then Debby said no...there is NO ONE there!? Wow! It was very wild!

Well, after that, I went up to the 2nd floor and towards the Stephen King suite. I really did miss having my room just next door like I did during the first event but aye well. Zak and Billy were up here and just as I made it up to the room, Zak shooed a bunch of us out and only wanted a few people in there. So I hung out in the hallway and talked to the others of the vortex that is there at the stairwell that I had learned of while passing by a tour going on earlier in the day.

We got to feel the surge of energy that seems to swirl there and eventually, Zak came out to investigate down the hall on that floor. I didn't get to go back into the Stephen King suite and I regret not going back there myself and that is a room that I definitely plan on returning to. It almost seemed that Zak may have been able to contact a lil girl spirit but it was hard to tell at the time.

Next stop was back out to the Manor House with Jeff Belanger and Aaron Sagers. Our group was pretty big at this point, over 20 people and in we all went to the one large room said to be haunted. I sat on a cushy chair, one that had no hard edges to it and I got comfortable. I placed my PX on one side of me and the ghost meter to the other and then held the recorder nearby. Jeff had a Ouija board and this wild contraption for EVPs but we did not get anything out of it. While I sat there, the PX talked a bit as someone on the other side of the room had a Shack Hack and the PX was quiet until she turned on her Shack Hack and it was then that the PX began to say words.

While I was sitting there however, I felt my right knee sting, like it was getting pricked by a pin. This was not the pins and needles of when your foot falls asleep or the circulation gets cut off, no. It was a single pin prick. It was like someone was there in front of me with a single pin and would begin to poke my right knee. It was like..Poke....Poke......Poke. It kept doing it. I moved my leg around to be sure it was not something internal, like a pinched nerve maybe? and then relaxed my leg again. Yet still, it would start back up again. It was just so wild! Finally, Jeff said if anyone was feeling anything happening to please let everyone know. Well that was when I finally spoke up and casually explained what I was feeling. Some other girl who was on the floor piped up that she too, was feeling the same thing and yes, in her right knee too!? Now that was really weird!

I didn't panic but just calmly explained what was going on and that it was a bit annoying and whatever was doing it, really needed to stop. Eventually, it did.

Afterwards I was up was the 4th floor with Chris Fleming and Aaron Goodwin. Aaron was in Lord Dunraven's room with a bunch of equipment. His PX had died so I brought mine out and we used it, placing it on the bed along with all the KII's and ghost meters. Aaron was in there with myself and about 10 other women. He shared with us pics of his skull collection on his phone and we all got to chat and had the PX talking and it came out again with 'Mommy" and I knew it was talking of me. It was talking a bit naughty too at one point with a prior group and a bit more with our's. I eventually went off down to another room where Chris Fleming was and we listened a bit there with his spirit box.

This is where the night came to a close and they had to prepare for the private ghost hunt and I was off to bed. I helped Chris lug his stuff downstairs and told him goodnight. This had been a pretty eventful night and one of the first that I had been touched or effected by....something?

By this time, I realized that I had begun to see auras. I had seen Chris Fleming's and Zak Bagan's both and in two different states but I had not seen anyone else's as of yet. Something else to talk of, that the more a person gets involved with the paranormal, the more you do open yourself up, become more aware and then realize more is going on around you and soon, may very well effect you as well. I bought a book on auras as well as on psychic shields, which is what I believe that I am. I have yet to start to exercise that 'muscle' and practice looking at auras, but it is very intriguing and exciting that things are starting to happen!

Mass hypnosis? I don't think so. Wanting it to happen, so 'making it so' or creating it myself? I doubt it highly. No, there is something to this. Something is definitely going on!

It has taken me a while to post this part as I was hunting down that EVP out of the many recordings I have gathered. Many times I gather recordings and it can be daunting to listen to them all, especially when you are not sure you may have something because of the potential for contamination by too many other people in the area or near you when you were doing your EVP session. I knew of this one however with Debby for she had gotten the same thing on her recorder and I had played mine back and voila! I heard the same thing! Wild too that it sounds a bit different now than it did then.
I still have a few more to listen to, some recordings are kinda long but as soon as I get thru them, I'll post more if I find anything and share it with all here! :)

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