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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Stanley Hotel Return - March 2011, Part 3

Speaking of EVPS, Billy Tolley, from Ghost Adventures was here at the Stanley too and he gave a class on how he discerns the EVPS that he listens to for the Ghost Adventures show. He went over recorders and software also as well as how he selects the EVPs for the show and that there are so many that are not shared that are just too faint to make out or too soft for the audience. I could well imagine his library and what he must have that is not shared!

One of the free softwares that Billy mentioned is called Audacity. You can find it here for download:
Audacity. It has versions for all operating systems! :)

Also of note, be sure and keep your recorder's software somewhere handy as well as you never know if you want to have it on a new laptop or computer in case your's goes down and of course as they tell you with all things, BACK UP YOUR FILES! I could not say that enough. I keep an external hard drive and I will be backing all of my own files to it soon.

Billy's class was the one that I was surprised, and happily so, to hear that my own recorder was one of the better ones to get EVPs on! I had been discouraged with it a bit and the quality only to find out that it is sought after as a recorder! Wow!
I was definitely paying attention in his class and taking some major notes! He talked of a few that were very expensive and yet they did not pick up the EVPs as well as some of the cheaper models. That makes sense as the newer ones will have too many filters on them as many recorders are used for board meetings and are trying to remove white noise whereas as a paranormal investigator, you are wanting that white noise to help the spirits to communicate with you.

Bill Chappell had a great class as well as to what is coming up as far as technology and equipment. I was excited to hear that soon, he will have an additional part that will hook up to the PX so that we can not only hear the EVPs, but we would see it as texted words. This will be really great for sometimes it is hard to hear what the digitized voice is saying. Be sure and check out Bill's site: Digital Dowsing for some of the latest and greatest!

(Jeff Belanger on the left and Bill Chappell on the right)

Sometimes at these events, you have some great vendors as well and I struck up a conversation with one who had a device that could let you know when you receive an EVP! It was along the lines of a real time EVP device. This reminded me of the devices that Chris Fleming has at his site and many that are already available! The vendor did not have a business card at the time with him but the equipment there they had for demonstrations was really great!

 Be sure and visit the vendors at all the events you may go to for you never know if they have something that really could help you out with your own investigations. Plus! Many times the celebrities and more well known will have some equipment for sale cheaper than what you may see online in their stores or elsewhere.

On to the investigations....Part 4!

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