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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Stanley Hotel Return - March 2011, Part 2

Usually after the meet and greet and the auction, that I enjoy watching as much of that money raised will go to a local charity which is really nice, I go up to my room to relax. Of course as I got up there this time, there was the champagne, truffles (2 of them) and the cheese and fruit tray. I had the foresight to buy crackers at the Safeway tho' not the ones that I would have preferred. I popped the champagne bottle and quickly realized that there was no way I would be able to finish it myself. 
Plus, there was tons of cheese and quite a bit of fruit, mostly blackberries tho'. It was very generous in portions in some ways and disappointingly sparse in others, namely the chocolate truffles, two of them and very small. I won't repeat this but it was fun to have done so at least once. Next time I return, I plan on bringing my own goodies along with a sharp knife to cut fresh apples and probably will pick up some Cracker Barrel Vermont Sharp cheddar from the grocery and a wine that would be more to my liking than the champagne.

I am not one to really hang in the bar, so I relaxed in my room and slept in the next morning when the classes would begin. I had drank my Shakeology for breakfast and then went on down to the classes. The first thing I had noticed that morning however is that my face felt really dry. The altitude coupled with the heat and I had the end room that faced the back parking lot made my skin very dry. I made a note to myself to be sure and bring my small mister for the bedside.
We had had a good little snowstorm hit while we were in line for registration and it was most beautiful to see the big flakes coming down.

Before I went to the Stanley, this time, I did a lil research and took notes. I watched an episode of Ghost Adventures and jotted down each haunted room and a bit of history as to what spirit is said to be where. I had then taken a pic of each room and will go over them.

There were a few new people giving talks that I had not met or heard of before. One of the classes was called "Reaching for the Veil" It was a brief look at why we're in the field of the paranormal and how we can make a difference. It was given by Karl Pfeiffer, from Ghost Hunters International fame. This class wasn't exactly as I thought going by the title but it really did make me think and I enjoyed the class nonetheless. He posed an interesting theory that I'll go into in a future post. This was however a brief look at why we're in the field of the paranormal and how we can make a difference.
Why are we doing this? Why are we doing what we are? Why are you?
Scientific vs Spiritual...which one do you lean more towards? Thank you Karl for making me think!

Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio gave his typical class/talk of ghost hunting how-to's and what not to do. That is always such a crack up to sit in on! I have been in his class often and just love the pics and his sharp wit and great sense of humor!

I also attended the class that Chris Fleming gave, which always seems to touch my heart and soul. I have attended each one of his and do not like to miss them as he has a most unique and spiritual way of looking at things. He also has some great pics and some scary vids as well that he shares. Chris Fleming always comes across to me as a very deep, genuine and most kind man with a great gift. I admire him and enjoy talking with him when I can and glean and learn things from him often. Be sure and check out his Podcast: Spirit Talk where he has some great interviews as well as his Unknown Magazine.

I attended Jeff Belanger's class, Legend Tripping, which he is the sort of guy that is similiar to Aaron, he's out there just having a blast! He has written several books and I had purchased one before I arrived on some haunted places in Texas. Jeff has a most keen, quick wit and a very inquisitive and curious mind. He is enthralled with legends and really gets you excited about them too by the end of his talk. His class is a must to attend at any location you go to for he shares what the local ghost stories are and its always a most enjoyable class. His energy just soars!

The Constantinos...aahh what I can say about this great couple! They are known as the EVP Specialists and if you have ever gone investigating with them, you quickly can see why! They can get evps like no one's business! They are just simply amazing and I enjoyed their EVP class as they went over their own techniques, software and recorders that they use. Check out their great site: Spirits-Speak. They shared alot of their evps they have gotten at various locations during this talk. It was great! I don't have a really good picture of them yet as I was again, sitting way in the back.

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