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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Return to Gettysburg March 2011, Part 3: Widow's Cottage

Gettysburg Paranormal Association: Widow's Cottage
This was one of the newer locations to be offered to investigate and I was quite excited although I had no idea where it was at.
One of the nicer aspects of the Phenomenology events, is that the different locations you choose to investigate, has a limit of how many people to be in that group on a specific night. They keep it relatively small and this particular one, was to be about 10 of us. It was a bonus when I found out that it would be Spooky guiding it.
It took me a bit to park as parking is bad in Gettysburg, hard to find but I managed a side street and put money in the meter just in case although I believe it was free after 6 pm. Then I began to try to find it with the address in my GPS.
I was having a hard time but then heard my name being called and there was Spooky and her teammate, Cori, across the street and between two other buildings. The Widow's Cottage is located across the street from a cemetary and you wouldn't realize it was haunted or had anything going on but we were to find out later, that oh yes, there is!! There are some really unique looking trees too, edging the cemetary, here are two of them, seemingly twins or two lovers holding the other.

Once around the corner of the building, we waited for others to show up but no one ever did. We found out later that they also, had a hard time finding the location as it is tucked away from the main street.
After a while when no one showed, we went inside.
The front room, the parlor looked nice and Spooky and Cori came with some equipment as well as I had my own. Spooky went over the story and history of the Widow and talked about what they had been experiencing thus far at this location. She had several K-IIs and Ghost Meters scattered around the room as well as the back/dining room area where a trunk sat before the window. She told me of how they have heard a little boy's voice in that other room and near the trunk. We sat and talked and I turned on some of my equipment.

All was pretty quiet for a while and then as we talked, I thought I saw some shadows in the hallway. It seemed each time I said the word "Mommy" or "Mother", the Ghost Meter on the mantle would flash. I also had my laser on, pointed to the ceiling and yet, it kept getting drained as Spooky said the spirits didn't seem to care for the laser lights. Cori got a bit spooked by the shadows in the hallway behind her and moved away. Yet, something kept pulling me to go down that long dark hallway and to the back rooms. We eventually did go down there but it was dead. There didn't seem to be any activity although Spooky said that for some reason the spirits there did not like anyone to go to the back rooms. I didn't feel anything while there at all myself but I am not overly sensitive. We went around to each room and didn't really feel much. When we returned however towards the front of the house, things started to happen.

Walking into the dining room area, we were talking and addressing the spirit or energies that may be about and then the Ghost Meters began to go off and the KIIs as well. Cori did not wish to remain in the dining room and Spooky began to feel ill and she too, stepped out into the parlor. I remained in the dining area where the chest was at and the Ghost Meters and KIIs continued to go crazy!! As I stood there holding a couple pieces of my own equipment, out of nowhere, my legs and the entire lower half of my body began to tremble. I was not scared at all, but it was like every muscle was twitching and I could not stop it. When I looked down, I didn't see anything but yet my lower half of my body was going numb and everything twitching but it was all internal. I got the distinct impression that something or someone was knelt in front of me and it felt as if arms were wrapped around my legs and they did not want me to leave. I did not feel any malicious intent at all, only a sort of anguish or sadness. Some sorrow and pain of loneliness. I was talking the entire time and my voice took on a motherly, tender tone as I began to soothe and calm the energy or spirit, assuring it that it would not ever be truly alone and that many others would come and try to talk and would be there for it, not to worry.
Spooky filmed this whole thing and I have not seen the footage to know if anything was captured. It was very wild tho', I can tell you! It was one of the first few times I felt like I was being touched directly by a spirit.

Eventually, the more I spoke in that calming tone, the equipment began to calm down and eventually, the indicator lights went out and my legs went back to normal. The sensation I was feeling just faded away.

Now what was that? I didn't have my knees locked, my legs did not get pins and needles feeling of them going to 'sleep', this was much different than anything I had ever felt before. Was it a spirit knelt in front of me, with arms wrapped around my legs? I don't know. I have no proof of it at this point, but I can only tell you what and how I felt. It was very wild tho'.

It was ashame that the other people who were signed up to investigate the Widow's Cottage did not show up, but I was glad that it was only Cori, Spooky and I for I really enjoyed the dynamic energy of three women alone. It was a really great night.

After all of this, everything calmed down and we could tell that the spirits probably moved on or were calm and so we decided to call it an early night.

I felt so very special and wonderful for having helped or soothed the spirits or whatever it was in that house that seemed to connect with me. It brought out a lot of my own mothering instincts and I hope that I was able to help to some degree.

This is something I have always felt that was needed on tv, the dynamic of three women investigators. Women have that special bond and link together and their energies combined is really magickal in my opinion. For far too long women's emotions and instincts have been disregarded by society and many men, our natural abilities ignored. Even many networks I have heard do not really care about the women's skills or talents in investigating and consider women as only eye candy, it is to their own detriment however to do so for women have a special connection through their emotions and own spirits with those who have departed or passed to the other side.
That being said, it is hard to find three women who are close and can work together without drama or egos or anything like that getting in the way and step beyond all the bs and work together as a whole cohesive team.
I do believe that Spooky, Cori and I, were able to do that, that night at the Widow's Cottage.
It was amazing and my deepest appreciation and thanks to them for a great experience!

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