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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Return to Gettysburg March 2011, Part 2

The Eisenhower hotel has another building where I have usually stayed, the Eisenhower II. It's just adjacent to the main hotel. It's where most of the classes, lectures are located as well as the large vendor room.
I could not wait for the vendor room to open up as that is where many other paranormal investigative teams and groups set up tables and will have laptops and computers full of evidence both EVPs and pictures for you to take a look at. Many vendors will be selling all sorts of things from T-shirts, Equipment, books and other items.
They have the vendor room open between lectures and before and after. It can get quite busy in there and the energy is just fantastic with so many like-minded people gathered to share their experiences.
Once you arrive for the start of the event, you register and pick up your badge.

At that time, you are given the itinerary for the event and other tickets for some of the ghost hunting events that you may have already paid for from the website. We received a Gettysburg poster and magazine and other odds and ends as well as part of the package. This is when you can purchase T-shirts if they have them and also other gallery readings or ghost hunting trips are available for purchase at that time. This is something you definitely want to be there early for to make sure you purchase and sign up for everything you were wanting to do. The sooner the better! Try to do most of this online if you can at the site so all you have to do is pick up the tickets at registration and then sign up for anything extra. Be sure to note when there are changes with the intinerary. This has happened at times when some speakers were not able to make it in time or had to cancel at the last minute. In this case, Father Andrew Calder, a demonologist, was ill and so was not able to give his class.

After registration, there is a panel of celebrities and speakers and hosts for the event that are introduced to you and you get to hear them talk a little bit and answer questions from the audience.
Aftewards is the meet and greet, mingle, get autographs, pictures and they will have a cash bar and karaoke sometimes. This is a fun time to relax and enjoy yourself in talking with the many others who are there.
This first night, some people had an investigation at the Farmhouse and they left to get there at their appointed time.
One investigation that got added for this first night was for a new spot, the Widow's Cottage. I had signed up for this and found out while visiting the vendor tables, that it was going to be my friend, "Spooky" hosting it! I had met Spooky last year and hit it off with her! She is a really friendly and bubbly lady full of energy and is the lead investigator and founder of (GPA) Gettysburg Paranormal Investigations. She has a shop on the main street in Gettysburg that I had visited the year before and now hosts a paranormal radio show, Ghostly Encounters!

There is me and Spooky at her table.
She has some cool bumper stickers there to the right.
And I purchased this T-shirt from her also that glows in the dark.
I just fell in love with it when I saw it! Be sure and check out the site ! You can find the Gettysburg GhostTours on Facebook as well.

I've been purchasing T-shirts from various events and locations and I try to get them in as big of a size as I can as I like to wear them to work out in. The bigger sizes will allow for shrinkage and I love the glow in the dark ones for when I take walks in the early mornings and they catch the headlights of cars as they pass by.

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