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Monday, May 16, 2011

The PX - 1/2 Ovilus, 1/2 Puck All ITC

I saw one of these devices at a ghost hunting event and I really lit up and wanted to get it! It was very hard to obtain and unfortunately, you can not purchase it anymore.

The good news is that the creator, is making something new! Bad news is that it is not released yet! ;)

I ordered the PX from Chris Fleming's store: Ghost Equipment Store and I was so excited to get it!
It is recommended that you do use the best lithium batteries you can get and they will only last for about an hour and you will need to change them again.
The maker,  Bill Chappell said that this device does take a lot of battery power because of the processor that is within it.
The PX has a 2048 word vocabulary and how it works is that in theory, it is thought that spirits can manipulate the electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) and utilize the words and emit them from the PX.
Pretty cool eh?

I have had the PX for less than a year and I really do love it!
You can tell when it needs batteries however  because it will start to just ramble on and on and won't stop and with words that make no sense. Usually after an hour or so of using it, I find this happens.

There are several modes but I tend to keep it on the first, Dictionary mode. I have not had it respond with exactly what I am looking for, to say a name or directly responding to questions a whole lot but much of what it says has been in correlation to the location I am at.

Upon first using it, it was very quiet and then eventually, if you give it some time, it will start. There are some words that are hard to make out and certain ones are normally directed at myself. It is my theory that it would take some time for the spirits to realize it can utilize this piece of equipment to be able to communicate to us. The whole idea and premise of it, is just wild!
Can you imagine being a spirit or ghost and wandering around do-to-do and being used to the idea that no one can hear you or see you? Then all of a sudden, someone comes along and sits down with this odd looking black box and they are talking directly to you and not only that, but you can somehow figure out that WOW you can alter or use the electro-magnetic fields and actually make use of this dictionary in this device and actually communicate and they can really hear you? Hear words you choose? I would think it would take a bit for the spirits to get use to being able to do this.

So is it hocum? I don't think so. I think spirits are pretty quick to pick up on how things work and perhaps it is all natural for them to utilize their thoughts and pick up on ours? The words I have had come forth from the PX really are amazing and as you read on with the next few investigations, you will see how the PX has really been able to produce words that fit and not just random blather.
I will be talking more about the PX as I began to use it last fall and at certain locations and investigations.

There is a new part to the PX coming out soon that will be an add-on to this device so that you can see and read the words that are being said! The PX has a digital voice so it can be hard to determine what it says at times. Or if you are not paying attention, the word or syllable will be said so fast, you will miss it.
You definitely want to have a recorder on at the same time.

Another cool feature of the PX is that it can replay the last 400 words said. The drawback is that if you turn this off, those 400 words are gone. So what I have started to do is to make a recording of nothing but those words being replayed so I can listen to them later.

There is a manual you can download and you can also read here for some support on how to use it:

I have taken the PX with me to different locations. Sometimes on ghost tours, ghost hunts, and sometimes just leaving it out on Halloween night to see/hear what I might get! I'll be sharing those results in future blog posts so be sure and check back for more about this very interesting device!

Looking forward to the new equipment coming out as there are some amazing things on the horizon as those brilliant engineers continue to perfect these devices!


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