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Monday, January 7, 2013

Grant Wilson Posts of Why He Left

I know it's been a while since I've posted here but I wanted to take time out to leave a link here that Grant Wilson formerly from Ghost Hunters, posted on Facebook about why he left the show.

I have heard alot of different theories and stories myself and some from others who told me some of the rumors that are flying around. I haven't heard anything since but obviously Grant must still be hearing it.

Anyway, for those who do not know, Grant has left the show and this is his reasons why, straight from him:

Why Grant Wilson Left Ghost Hunters

Reading down his reasons for leaving and for those of you who know me well, know that Halloween at home is right up there at the top for me! I remember him and Jason doing the Halloween specials and I always knew there was no way I could ever go. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I have to be home for my own kids and my own haunt as well as all the kids who come by my house. (This past year was 343 or so! --I keep count by bagging the candy and giving out a ziplock bag to each kid who comes through my haunted cave)

Ok so his other reasons....Life in a box...aye it is never easy to not be out in nature hardly at all when you are so busy travelling from one city or town to the next; and when you are used to being able to go out in the woods and breathe the fresh, clean air. I hear him too about sleep. You think that travelling on a plane is no big deal but when you travel frequently, it can take a very big toll on you. I know for me, a friend once noticed that I was getting sick on trips. Each time I took one, by the time the trip was near it's end, I was feeling ill. One of the factors to that was the food you eat. Grant is exactly right about that too. You just are not used to that type of food. This is why I began to take my Shakeology with me so that I could keep my system balanced out and I always make sure to pick up tons of water. Water is so important for me so I don't get ill while away. I also take my nuts and my favorite apple knife and will pick up apples at the local grocery if possible. All of those extra steps, help me to prevent getting sick from trips. It's when I don't, even if the food is pretty healthy, that I will still get sick. And if you treat yourself out to dinner, it's not really "treating" yourself, it's punishing yourself by eating all the bad food. You will gain pretty quickly during those few days. Especially if you are not exercising while away. And with a paranormal investigators' crazy hours? That's a tough thing to accomplish. Your body needs rest, and that plays a huge factor in your health more than you could know or realize.

And lastly but the top reason is your family. Especially if you have little kids and your spouse works too. Travelling all the time is really hard on your kids. Even when they are teenagers. They need both parents there. My own two at times had a hard a time in missing their father being around because his job takes him away for a week at a time. It's not an easy life. Being ex-military, well we military folks sure do get that one with all the TDY's and deployments and remote tours.

I know alot of people miss Grant on Ghost Hunters and we will always think of him whenever we watch or talk of Ghost Hunters, but I applaud Grant for stepping away and focusing on something even more important to him and to life. Good for you Grant! It was great to meet you and we miss seeing ya on the show but wish you all the best nonetheless! :)

A P.S. UPDATE: I got to catch up with Grant again at Scarefest in Lexington, Kentucky last year (2014) and I let him know that I had linked to his post on this blog to help squash the rumors as to why he left Ghost Hunters. He thanked me whole heartedly and we got to have a nice chat. :) If ever you get the chance to meet him, do so. He's a genuinely nice guy! :) /|\

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